Our People

Our Chief Executive Officer

Sandy Luk, Chief Executive Officer Sandy Luk
Chief Executive Officer

Our Senior Management

Tamsin Betti, Director of Engagement & Communications Tamsin Betti
Director of Engagement & Communications
Mike Crossley, Director of Fundraising and Marketing Mike Crossley
Director of Fundraising and Marketing
Nicola Spencer, Director of Finance and Resources Nicola Spencer
Director of Finance and Resources
Katherine Stephenson, Head of Fundraising Katherine Stephenson
Head of Fundraising
Chris Tuckett, Director of Programmes Chris Tuckett
Director of Programmes

Our Teams

Our Fisheries & Aquaculture Team

Charlotte Coombes, Good Fish Guide Manager Charlotte Coombes
Good Fish Guide Manager
Debbie Crockard, Senior Fisheries Policy Advocate Debbie Crockard
Senior Fisheries Policy Advocate
Dawn Purchase, Aquaculture Programme Manager Dawn Purchase
Aquaculture Programme Manager
Samuel Stone, Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture Samuel Stone
Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Our Ocean Recovery Team

Peter Richardson, Head of Ocean Recovery Peter Richardson
Head of Ocean Recovery
Jean-Luc Solandt, Principal Specialist, MPA Jean-Luc Solandt
Principal Specialist, MPA

Our Clean Seas Team

Laura Foster, Head of Clean Seas Laura Foster
Head of Clean Seas
Rachel Wyatt, Water Quality Programme Manager Rachel Wyatt
Water Quality Programme Manager

Our Programmes Team

Emma Crane, Public Affairs Manager Emma Crane
Public Affairs Manager

Our Campaigns and Communications Team

Natasha Ewins, Volunteer & Engagement Support Officer Natasha Ewins
Volunteer & Engagement Support Officer
Emlyn Miles, Graphic Design and Production Manager Emlyn Miles
Graphic Design and Production Manager
Erin O'Neill, Editor Erin O'Neill

Our Engagement & Education Team

Jenny Griffiths, Education Officer Jenny Griffiths
Education Officer
Sue Ranger, Engagement and Education Manager Sue Ranger
Engagement and Education Manager
Alice Tebb, Agents for Change Coordinator Alice Tebb
Agents for Change Coordinator

Our Volunteer & Community Engagement Team

Lizzie Prior, Beachwatch Officer Lizzie Prior
Beachwatch Officer
Tara Proud, Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager Tara Proud
Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager
Harriet Robins, Beach Clean Administrator Harriet Robins
Beach Clean Administrator

Our Marketing Team

Marie Gittings, Supporter Services Officer Marie Gittings
Supporter Services Officer
Nicola Greaves, Head of Marketing Nicola Greaves
Head of Marketing
Chris Hall, Marketing Manager Chris Hall
Marketing Manager

Our Fundraising Team

Deborah Hill, Fundraising Assistant Deborah Hill
Fundraising Assistant
Sanjay Mitra, Corporate Partnerships Manager Sanjay Mitra
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Alison Selby, Major Gift Manager Alison Selby
Major Gift Manager
Katharine Sharp, Corporate Partnerships Manager Katharine Sharp
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Anne Thwaites, Corporate Partnerships Manager Anne Thwaites
Corporate Partnerships Manager