Brexit and our seas

Did you know that many of our environmental laws - from how we manage our fisheries, to standards on marine pollution, to how we protect many species and habitats - come from the European Union?

The UK has the third largest coastline in the EU, and our waters and many of the species that dwell within them know no boundaries. Joined up effort with our neighbouring nations must take place if we are to manage our seas well.

With the UK set to leave the EU, it is a priority for MCS to make sure that such a joined up approach continues after the UK leaves the EU, to make sure that we keep improving the management of our seas.

Beachy HeadLaws which are currently set at an EU level are being, or will be reviewed to apply at a UK and devolved national level. As a UK based and focussed marine charity, we will work tirelessly to make sure the UK uses this as an opportunity to truly become a world leader and build on the good progress made in many areas of marine management.

Our priorities for UK seas

We need to:

What is MCS doing?

We are collaborating with several partners to define what Brexit will mean for our seas, and to devise the best course of action to ensure that our priorities are achieved.

What’s next?

We will:

Actions you can take