Beach clean and litter survey to get Langland ready for Spring, Can you lend a hand?

Date posted: 29 March 2017

Could you spare a couple of hours to help the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) give Langland bay a Spring clean?

The UK’s leading marine charity is looking for volunteers to collect valuable data on the types and sources of litter they find and help keep Langland looking its best as we head into the Spring.

MCS is organising its spring beach clean and litter survey to help remove litter that may have been dropped or washed up on the beach on Sunday 9th April 2017. MCS staff and members of the public clean up Langland every quarter as part of the society’s Beachwatch programme.

As with all amenity beaches, regular cleaning will not start on Langland until the beginning of May.

So, in time for the Easter visitors, MCS and volunteers will be sprucing up the beach to look its best before Easter.

MCS Head of Conservation Wales, Gill Bell, says it’s an Easter hunt with a difference: “Instead of hunting for eggs, help MCS to find and remove unwanted litter from the beach ready for the holiday season and an influx of visitors.”

MCS will be carrying out this year’s spring litter survey and beach clean on Sunday 9th April starting at 11am, at Langland Beach, Gower, meeting in the car park behind the beach huts by the tennis courts.


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