Could you spare a couple of hours to give Langland Bay a summer clean?

Date posted: 6 July 2017

Marine Conservation Society seeks volunteers to gather and record litter.

The UK’s leading marine charity is looking for volunteers to collect valuable information on the type of litter that ends up on Langland beach on the Gower.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) cleans Langland four times a year, as part of the society’s Beachwatch programme.

With the help of volunteers, they help keep the beach looking tip top for visitors, but also record the types of litter found so that work can be done to stop it getting there in the first place.

The summer beach clean and litter survey to help remove litter that may have been dropped or washed up on the beach will be held on Sunday 16th July at 11 am.

It’s surprising what does turn up on Langland, according to MCS Head of Conservation Wales, Gill Bell: “We find all the usual suspects, including tiny bits of plastic and polystyrene which are a direct threat to marine wildlife, cigarette butts, bottles, caps, lids, lolly sticks and plastic cotton bud sticks as well as plastic carrier bags - although since the 5p charge was introduced we’ve found less of these. However we did find a mobile phone in the sand during our last clean up - our volunteers mentioned it on Facebook and within half an hour we had re-united it with its owner!”

MCS will be carrying out the Langland summer litter survey and beach clean on Sunday 16th July at 11am at Langland Beach Gower meeting in the car park behind the beach huts along from the tennis courts.

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