Croyde Devon Sunset
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Ocean Recovery

The ocean is many things to many people – it’s a place of work, a home, a place of adventure, a tranquil escape. Beneath the surface it teems with life. Our corner of the ocean - the North East Atlantic is home to some of the most colourful, fascinating and beautiful marine life in the world.

Our ocean sustains us

We have one planet. One ocean covers over 70% of it. Perhaps because it’s so vast, we underestimate our ability to have an impact on it. But humans are having an impact and, unless we do what we can to make our ocean more resilient, its ability to sustain us will be compromised.

How we work

We work with local communities, governments, marine managers and scientists, mainly in the UK and UK Overseas Territories, to ensure that our amazing ocean is well looked after and able to recover where it needs to. We actively seek opportunities to develop our understanding through research and choose to work collaboratively wherever we can. Together we can ensure that we have healthy and wealthy seas into the future.

Marine Protected Areas

Over the last few years, a much brighter future has been unfolding for UK seas.
But we’re not quite there yet – there are still some vital missing pieces in our MPA network.

Yoga kayaker
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Our Blue Heart

What does the sea mean to you? We’ve uncovered a raft of stories around the UK which cast a light on our intriguing personal relationships with the ocean. Get involved and share your story with Our Blue Heart.

Save our Seagrass Token
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Save our Seagrass

We’re helping to fight the climate crisis by protecting bio-diverse marine meadows

Croyde Beach
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Shared Seas

Working with communities to shape the future of our seas

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