Stop Ocean Threads

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By: Victoria Riglen
Date posted: 3 July 2020

Did you know that for every load of laundry washed, as many as 700,000 plastic microfibres can flow into our water systems? Across the UK, that means that 9.4 trillion fibres could be released into the environment in one week alone… at least!

Despite microfibre pollution being as prolific as it is, in a recent survey by YouGov, we found that only 50% of people asked has heard of the term ‘microfibre pollution’.

We’re on a quest to ‘Stop Ocean Threads’ with our new campaign. We’re calling on government to put legislation in place which will require all washing machines to have an internal microfibre filter fitted by 2024. We hope that manufacturers will see the incredible value of the filters and will commit to building them into their designs, with a deadline for this commitment by mid-2021. We need you to sign the petition to show your support for the legislation to be put in place, and spread the word.

Encouragingly, 81% of the people we surveyed said they supported legislation to get microfibre filters fitted into washing machines, showing that the public are enthusiastic about stopping ocean threads.

Dr Laura Foster, Head of Clean Seas: “We want to see all manufacturers committing, over the next 12 months, to having the filters within all their designs. Government legislation will provide the push which is needed to see microfibre filters in all washing machines in the future.”

Fabrics like polyester, nylon and acrylic are created using plastic fibres, with every wash and wear these shed from our clothes and end up in the environment. The filters will work in much the same way as lint is collected from tumble dryers, they’ll capture microfibres shedding from every load of laundry, ready to be emptied into the bin, drastically reducing the microfibres heading straight for the ocean.

We’ve suggested some tips and tricks to reducing microfibre shedding in your laundry for now, which will help in our fight against ocean threads. You can sign our petition and find out more here.

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