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By: Catherine Gemmell
Date posted: 24 April 2018

Our Poet in Residence Susan Richardson will be running a free evening of Poetry at Boda Bar in Edinburgh on 3 May at 7.30PM.

Susan Richardson’s work is a suspended state, caught between the us we presume to be and the species with which we share this watery, fragile planet. Cut and precise, archaic and innovative, transcendent and in-the-moment, she sees the life of the sea as a mirror of ourselves, and vice versa: always changing, always the same.

Philip Hoare,
Author of Leviathan - The Sea Inside

Words the Turtle Taught Me (Cinnamon Press, 2018) is Susan Richardson’s fourth collection of poetry, which evolved from her recent residency with the Marine Conservation Society.

Fostering engagement with endangered ocean species, it blends science with shamanism, contemporary ecological peril with ancient myth. Susan is a dynamo of a performer (Write Angle) …vital, glorious, salutary (Philip Hoare).

Susan is currently touring her “Words the Turtle Taught Me” poetry show to venues throughout the UK. She has previously performed her work at festivals from Hay to Adelaide, on BBC2 and also on Radio 4 while enjoying a four-year stint as on.

MCS Scotland Conservation Officer Catherine Gemmell will open the evening with a short talk on our marine conservation work in Scotland before introducing Susan who will do readings from her book to highlight the threats facing some of our most iconic and endangered marine wildlife.

If you are interested in attending then please drop Catherine an email on

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MCS established its Scotland office and programme in 2000 in Edinburgh

To the shelf limits, Scotland has 61% of UK waters, of which 23% are now in existing or new ‘marine protected areas’

Scotland has 10% of Europe’s coastline