Are you ready to #GOPlasticFree this July?

Jack O'Donovan By: Jack O'Donovan
Date posted: 28 June 2018

This July we launch our third Plastic Challenge, and it looks like it’ll be bigger than ever. Nearly 8,000 of you and counting have signed up.

Are you ready to #GOPlasticFree?

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Plastic pollution in the ocean is causing serious threats to wildlife and even to human health. The plastic that enters our ocean breaks down into tiny pieces and is eaten by small fish, that are eaten by bigger fish, that are eaten by us.

Single-use plastic items, such as plastic bags, cutlery, straws and bottles, have been found in the deepest parts of our ocean, and locked into sea ice at the North and South pole. Shocking images have emerged again and again of the danger plastic items cause to wildlife.

Now it is time for solutions and to take responsibility for what we are doing to our ocean.


We need to start thinking about the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Often it is convenient to choose plastic, but alternatives today are becoming easier and easier and, hey, they are also looking much prettier. So what are you waiting for?

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Grab your reusable coffee cups and water bottles, buy your veg loose and if your local supermarket doesn’t have an alternative, then this is your time to demand change! This July it’s time to #GOPlasticFree, let’s show our ocean that we care and that its future is not in plastic.

We’ve got resources for everyone:

If you live down under, perhaps you want to join our friends at the Plastic Free July initiative. They also have plenty of tips for you!

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