Buy it now! Handy new book will help you tackle everyday plastic

Date posted: 6 June 2018

‘How to live plastic free – a day in the life of a plastic detox’ is a book that could very well change your life.

Available now on the MCS shop or Amazon / WHSmiths or buy the e-book on Google Books

Choking, starving and poisoning - that’s what plastic litter is doing to marine life. As our understanding increases, so does our horror. Sick, starved marine animals with stomachs full of the stuff shows what the lethal light, sturdy and practical material we use every day does once at sea.

How to live plastic free Written by MCS staff, the book is actually not a rant against plastic, nor is it full of too many sciencey mind-boggling facts and figures. Instead, it’s crammed full of hints, tips and suggestions on how to begin a plastic detox of your daily life. Most of the plastic we’re surrounded by is simply not necessary. We can transition to a world in which we ditch all useless plastic and we give good plastic a value, so that it won’t be buried in the ground or carelessly cast aside to head who-knows-where but, ultimately, the ocean.

Taking the reader through your day, via all the aspects that make up your average 24 hours - family life to special occasions, pets to sporting events, by way of the bathroom, kitchen, garden and supermarket - it will show you just how reliant on plastic we’ve become, what we can do to avoid it and how even the smallest of changes can have a really big effect where it matters most – in our seas.

From a straw or a stirrer in your drink, a sandwich wrapped in plastic, your coffee cup, your fork, salad, toothbrush, toothpaste, the shampoo, the kids’ toys… the book explains how it all happened, how plastic took over the world and our lives and how we can change it. The message is uplifting – it’s not too late, it’s possible - we can live with less plastic.

By the end of the book your life might not be completely detoxed from the plastic, but your knowledge and awareness will make you a different person. You’ll notice ‘it’ all around you. Then you’ll ask yourself: is ‘it’ really necessary?

This book is about life. The reason why we need to change the way we produce and consume plastic is because our current system is destroying life. And that is simply wrong.

Funny, sad, informative and thoughtful – giving up plastic has never been so readable.

Buy the book. Available now on the MCS shop or Amazon / WHSmiths or buy the e-book on Google Books

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