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Our seas and shorelines are home to a huge number of species, each one part of the marine ecosystem. We’re working to help people understand more about the importance of our oceans and the creatures that live in them.

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Our Blue Planet

Inspired by the BBC TV series like we are? Carry on the journey here.

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Share your wildlife sightings

MCS is interested in hearing about your wildlife sightings
of a number of different marine species - basking sharks, marine turtles and jellyfish in UK and Irish waters.

Cool Seas for children and teachers

Learn about our seas with the MCS Education Project.

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Learn about our oceans

Use our guide to explore the diverse and beautiful wildlife of UK seas.

More information and campaigns to get behind…

Learn about turtles

Turtles, an ancient group of reptiles that witnessed the rise and fall of the dinosaurs … but now some marine turtle populations around the world really are in danger of extinction.

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Big Seaweed Search

Contribute to research by recording seaweed species found on your local shore.

Find out how to take part

Jellyfish Guide

Learn more about jellyfish in our ‘Jellyfish Guide’.

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Cool Seas Poster

Our beautiful ‘cool seas’ poster shows some of the wildlife that make our oceans so special.

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Diver studying limpet scars on rock

Careers in marine biology

If you are interested in a career in marine biology we hope you will find this page helpful and informative.

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Explore the shore

If you like scouring the shoreline and have ever wondered at the natural treasures the tide brings in but aren’t quite sure what everything is, then our Seashore Safari Guide will reveal some of the secrets of the strandline.

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Alien Species Guide

Please use our guide to ‘alien species’ to help you identify wildlife that is not native to UK shores.

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Did you know?…

Over 1,000 marine wildlife sightings were reported to MCS last year


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