Careers in Marine Conservation

There are lots of ways to get involved in conservation and, while important, a degree in marine biology is just one of many ways to make a difference. Anyone can be a marine conservationist! Here are some real-life examples of people who work in marine conservation. Some of our examples are scientists but not all, and some have had diverse and challenging journeys to reach where they are now. For anyone interested in marine biology or conservation, we hope you will find this page helpful and inspiring.

Jenny Griffiths

“Raising awareness of environmental issues and the importance of our ocean is vital to the future of the human race. Stick with what you love and if you’re not happy, change it.”

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Marie Gittings

“If you want something you will find a way to get there. It may take a little bit longer, but is always worth it. I love to hear about supporter’s adventures or who is planning to do marine biology at a university, even grandparents telling me about their grandchildren antics.”

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Thomas Linley

“I can remember at about eight years old discovering that there was such a thing as a marine biologist and being so happy that my hobby could be my job someday. I am very dyslexic with dyspraxia and Irlen Syndrome tagging along for good measure. It feels like things take me much longer and require greater effort to keep up with my peers.”

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Lizzie Prior

“I didn’t do any volunteering during my undergraduate degree so this became a massive challenge once graduating and looking for work.”

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Jean-Luc Solandt

“Many things in a career happen by chance. As long as you enjoy your early career, you will have a ball.”

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