Our Sunday nights may never be the same – so now it's time to spread the Blue Planet II message 24/7

By: Clare Fischer
Date posted: 11 December 2017

When the closing credits of Blue Planet II rolled, if it hadn’t been so cold I’d have opened my window listened to the collective wailing and gnashing of teeth from all corners of the country, nay the globe - streaming the programme slowed down the Chinese interweb! - as one of the most memorable pieces of television came to an end.

There were so many highlights – the mother pilot whale who hung on to her dead calf, the octopus in a shell suit, the eels crawling across dry rocks to grab a crab, the bobbit worm, the tail slapping hunting orcas, the tuskfish and his tool and the trevallies leaping clean out of the water to take terns.

Orca_Breach ©NOAA

Its footage was truly amazing and the masterful narration by Sir David Attenborough was just brilliant.

But it’s all over now and so we turn our attention to the next TV show stopper.

Or do we? No we don’t – because Blue Planet II has left a legacy in all of us. It’s shown us that if we don’t do something right now then we will be failing our oceans, their inhabitants and the very fabric of life itself.

It’s shown us that the struggles our oceans are facing are down to humankind. If this is a guilt trip then it’s a trip we’re all on.

But Blue Planet II hasn’t left us wringing our hands and saying ‘Well, that’s it folks, we’ve messed up so last one out switch off the lights.” It’s given us hope and a feeling that we can do something and in fact there’s plenty to do right now.

So – and you don’t just have to do this on a Sunday night by the way to fill the Blue Planet gap – we must do these things all the time and some will become our new way of life.

Bottle_Hold_B ©Natasha Ewins

Stop using plastic bottles – this is so simple it’s almost laughable! Buy a reusable water bottle and keep on filling it up. It requires an initial outlay and a bit of planning – but the fish will thank you.

Buy a reusable coffee cup - if you’re a coffee addict – just think how many cups you use in a year. A reusable one means you use just one that you never throw away. It requires an initial outlay and a bit of daily life planning – but again – the fish will love it.

Refuse things you don’t need - straws, stirrers, coffee cup lids, plastic cutlery – there’s so much stuff we gladly take because it’s offered but we don’t need. Start saying no!

Grab a Good Fish Guide – it’s the MCS guide to making the best choice possible when it comes to eating fish from sources that are sustainable – you know, the ones where fish aren’t running out, basically. Overfishing is putting pressure on our oceans – just like pollution. So know your red-rated fish and avoid them like the plague but get to grips with green rated fish because they’re all ok and you may be surprised what’s on the list!

Sign up to one of the petitions we’re running – these are really important and your support could help tip the balance.

Sign our petition to the Governments of the UK, calling for charges on single-use throwaway items. The power to change the mindset of our throwaway society is in their hands – but they need you to remind them.

And then when you’ve done that…….

…..sign our open petition to the big fast food chains demanding stop using the millions of plastic cups, stirrers, straws and cutlery they give out, or replace them with reusable or fully compostable alternatives.

So there you have it – Blue Planet II on the telly may be over – but now we know what’s down there let’s make sure we don’t lose it.

Take action now. Stop the plastic tide today.