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Are you a parent, teacher or home educator? This year our Great British Beach Clean (18 - 25 September) is going local, inland and online. We’re asking you to join us and get involved to help clean up and protect our seas, shores and wildlife from dangerous marine litter.

This summer we have seen alarming pictures from across the UK of litter scattered across our parks and beaches - including new litter items like face masks and plastic gloves. We want to tackle this issue hands-on by taking action to clean it up and record what we find.

This data is important to help us make positive changes and actively improve legislation. We want as many young people as possible to get involved and help us stop the plastic tide. Here’s how you can do it:

Going local

If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, we’d love you to take part in our national beach cleans. This year we’re asking you not to travel too far to go to the beach and concentrate on your local area instead. Follow our Beachwatch Organiser Guide for more information on how to set up your beach clean and let us know when and where it’s happening.

Going inland

As well as this year’s annual Great British Beach Clean, we’re running our new Source to Sea Litter Quest. Around 80% of litter that enters our seas travels there from parks, streets and public spaces far away from the coast. We need to tackle the problem of litter on our streets, parks and rivers where it’s easier to access, before it travels to the sea. Simply download our Litter Quest survey, then record what you find on a local litter pick and share the data with us. This information will give us a snapshot of the most common litter polluting our parks, rivers and outdoor spaces this summer.

Going online

We love nothing more than taking school groups to our beautiful beaches to experience these amazing places for themselves, but things are a bit different this year. We don’t want anyone to miss out, so we’re taking you on a virtual trip to the beach instead. On Monday 21 September we will host our launch webinar where we will delve into the deep to discover the creatures that live in our seas, virtually walk along the beach together, and look at the litter found on our beaches. On Friday 25 we will conclude the week with an online lesson looking at findings from across the country. All sessions will be recorded and hosted on our YouTube channel, so you can take part after the week too, if you like.

Click here to book our free live lessons.

Get involved

Our Source to Sea project is a fantastic cross-curricular activity which can be included in multiple subject areas building on pupils’ knowledge and skills at each stage, and raising awareness among young people of the issues facing our ocean. You can access the resources after the main week and share your work with us anytime.

Click here for our Source to Sea Education Pack.

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