The Power of Youth Charter and how we're getting involved

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the effects of climate change and the fate of the ocean on a rolling news cycle, we know that the future feels a little uncertain right now. We want to help young people speak out and have their voices heard in conversations that they have repeatedly been excluded from, which is why we’ve signed the Power of Youth Charter, as part of #iWill Week 2020.

By signing the Charter we have committed to amplifying young voices and the power of youth, by providing opportunities for young people to make positive changes and take social action on issues that are important to both them, their communities and wider society.


We are also committing to including young people in the decision making of our organisation – starting with our AGM where young people from Scottish Youth Parliament have been involved in planning the event, leading sessions and helping to select the winner for our new Youth Ocean Optimist Award.

We want to highlight the positive role that young people play in society, and more specifically in helping to look after our seas and coastlines. Thanks to the #IWill campaign, started in 2014, more organisations and young people across the UK have come together to get involved. This #iwill week has seen the #PowerofYouth Festival showcase the amazing work of young people from around the UK.

Beach clean youth

We want to ensure that young people, regardless of location or background, is empowered to participate in decision-making, social action and making meaningful change. We want to give them a voice.

To celebrate #iwillWeek we’ve also put together 4 simple actions young people can take to reduce pressures on our ocean.

Ocean Commitments

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