Plastic Diaries: Customer services worker from Gwent

Plastic Diaries

Do you know how much plastic you use every week? We asked supporters to make note of all the plastic they use in a week to show just how much we rely on it in our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not.

This week’s Plastic Diarist is a 53-year-old customer services worker from Gwent, South Wales.

Hi, I’m Louise, I work in customer services and I live in Gwent, South Wales. I recommend giving your own Plastic Diary a go - it’s really eye-opening what you throw away!


Head to Lidl for morning hour shop. Had to queue for 30mins to get in. Thankfully, weather was glorious. As usual, had to decant some of the items from packaging to fit in the fridge/freezer and cupboards. Cereal bag inserts and biscuit wrappers to be recycled at TerraCycle point at work. Meat, egg, and veggie trays straight into home recycling. Finish off the milk at breakfast so added to recycling along with diet Pepsi bottle (disgusting stuff not mine I might add). Coffee pods are washed and can also be cycled at a TerraCycle point. Prawn curry for dinner – delicious! Shame the spinach has to come in a plastic bag all the time.


No plastic waste at breakfast time, yippee! For lunch I hold on to my spring greens bag and coffee pods for the TerraCycle point. Here a recycling company picks up a lot of things not recycled at home from designated points at supermarkets/workplaces. After dinner, a flatbread wrapper and strawberry tray also get added to the recycling pile. Mother made boiled fruit cake for a lockdown treat. Delicious, but means a glace cherries plastic box, raisins bag, apricots bag and cranberries bag get added to the recycling collection too. It’s piling up.



Once again, no plastic waste at breakfast time. Finish off the crumpets at lunch, so the wrapper and another couple of coffee pods to be recycled, along with an Alpro yoghurt pot. Must look into a reusable coffee pod, wonder how much they cost. Give the house a clean and tidy, so a couple of cleaning product bottles get recycled and have to dispose of the kitchen roll wrapper as well.


Very quiet day for plastic waste - only 2 coffee pods all day!



No plastic waste at breakfast or lunchtime today! After dinner, I have a couple of crisp packets, a milk bottle, a frozen chips bag (didn’t eat the whole thing, they were nearly finished!), and a dark milk buttons bag to dispose of. They can go to the TerraCycle point next time I go to the shop.


Only a couple of coffee pods to dispose of before dinner time. For dinner, it’s a Chinese King Po chicken curry, homemade! So much less waste when you make it yourself, and much healthier. Finished off the mushrooms and crème fraiche so there was a bit of packaging to recycle. The chicken tray had already been dealt with at the beginning of the week!


Another couple of coffee pods to dispose of. Luckily can be recycled at the TerraCycle point, but have to wash them properly first. Treat ourselves to pizza and firecracker chicken wings for lunch. The pizza comes in a thin plastic covering that has to be put in the bin, but the chicken comes in a recyclable plastic box. Not really hungry this evening so just a light dinner. Afterward I wash and recycle the yoghurt pots and marge tub.