Plastic Diaries: Accounts Manager from South Wales

Plastic Diaries

Do you know how much plastic you use every week? We tasked supporters to make note of all the plastic they use in a week to show just how much we rely on it in our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not.

This week’s Plastic Diarist is a 50-year-old Financial Accounts Officer from Usk, South Wales.

Hi, I’m Julie and I’m a Financial Accounts Officer, I live in South Wales with my husband.


Finish off the milk at breakfast, so pop the carton straight into the recycling. Later the carton is joined by a Ribena bottle and Butter Carton and 6 coffee pods. Next, I crack on with the laundry and finish a bottle of fabric softener. Have not found an alternative that does not come in plastic yet.


Quite a lot more plastic waste today! Recycle a coleslaw carton and plastic fruit boxes, 4 coffee pods and a couple of Aero mousse pots in the morning. Nice cup of tea with cake in the afternoon, so another milk carton gets finished off and recycled along with a cake box. Chips for dinner (give me a break, it is a global pandemic) so the plastic bag has to go in the bin.



Porridge oats for breakfast, along with the last of the squeezy honey. The bottle gets recycled along with the plastic packet for laundry tablets. (I seem to be washing an awful lot of clothes this week!) Also finish off a Radox bottle. I know you can get shower gel that comes in a bar from some shops, but I do not have time to go and hunt for it. It is easier to just get whatever is at the supermarket. Frozen fish for dinner (unfrozen when eaten of course!), so the carton also gets recycled.


Fruit and yogurt for breakfast, so the yogurt carton goes straight to recycling. Manage to use up another 5 Dolce gusto coffee pods as well today. I know that a cafetiere or Italian coffee maker would not use up all these pods, but they are so convenient. I like the fact you can have whatever coffee you want at a flick of a button and do not want to give that up. Ordered a new book from Amazon, so the packaging gets recycled – it is mostly cardboard though! Salad for dinner so the lettuce bag and cucumber wrapping has to be binned.



Get through a few packets of crisps today (with help from husband!) They can only be recycled at a TerraCycle point so we just put them in the bin. We try to collect them sometimes but there is only so much rubbish you can collect in an apartment. Recycle another milk carton. Have thought about getting a milk delivery in glass bottles but couldn’t find one locally. Shampoo bottle finished at the end of the day, to be added to the recycling box. I wonder if the supermarket would do a shampoo bar.


More coffee pods and yogurt pots got through today. They seem to be my most common plastic waste! An inner packet from Cornflakes, vegetable bags and bread packaging also need to be disposed of, might hold onto it and take it to the TerraCycle point on Monday. Then again, might not. Seems such a lot of effort, wish there was a collection point closer to home. Delicious trifle for dessert. Not homemade, so the packet also gets recycled.


Yet another shower gel container finished today – I never realised how many toiletries we get through! It goes in the recycling as does the plastic box that the raspberries came in. The cucumber wrapper and frozen peas packet should only go in the TerraCycle point. I think I will start keeping a bag specifically for that and bring it with me to the supermarket every Monday.