Top Tips for Plastic-Free Beauty

To celebrate #PlasticFreeBeautyDay we’ve got some top tips to help make your beauty routine plastic-free.

Plastic-Free Beauty

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1. Make your own

A quick google or Pinterest search will reveal thousands of recipes for making your own cosmetics, everything from face creams to toothpaste, body scrubs to deodorant. The great thing about this is you have control over what’s going in them and what packaging to use. And the good news is many of them use the same basic ingredients so you can buy those in bulk and use them multiple times.

2. Jump on the bar bandwagon

it seems there’s a bar for everything - shampoo bars, conditioner bars, your average soap bar. Some of these are a great alternative to the liquid versions, they don’t come in plastic bottles and are much easier to transport when travelling.

3. Buy in bulk

For some items like liquid soap you can buy them in large quantities. This means less packaging and it’s often cheaper in the long run too.

4. Look out for refillable options

There are also some great refillable options out there for example make-up that comes in metal packaging where you can buy refills or shampoo that you can refill at a zero waste / bulk store.

5. Swap to plastic-free alternatives

Face wipes – cotton or muslin face cloths which can be washed Cotton pads – reusable fabric ones, you can even make your own (keep an eye out for our how to guide coming during the Plastic Challenge in July) Disposable razor – safety razor or at least a razor where you can ‘refill’ the blades Other plastic items such a hair brushes, make-up brushes, scrubbing brushes, sponges – sustainable, non-plastic alternatives such as wooden brushes

6. Use it up

Use up what you have first and then as it comes time to buy new items choose plastic-free alternatives.

7. Streamline your skincare

Rather than giving in and buying the latest “life-changing’” new beauty product, look at how you can par down what you have to a few good quality items that really work for you.

8. Do your research

There are loads of great brands out there offering ethical, sustainable, plastic-free beauty products, instead of buying the same-old items from big high street stores do a little investigating, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have any tips for making your beauty routine more plastic-free? We’d love to hear them. Come and join in the conversation over on our Plastic-Free Living Facebook Group.