Our Scotland Conservation Officer scoops award on International Women's Day

Scotland Conservation Officer, Catherine Gemmell has received a Special Thanks Award at the No.1 Magazine Amazing Woman Awards in Glasgow. She was recognised for her work inspiring others in Scotland about the marine environment. She attended the red carpet event with her partner, John.

Thursday the 8th of March was International Women’s Day and I was delighted to have been invited by No.1 Magazine to celebrate it with over 200 incredible woman from across Scotland for their first ever Amazing Woman Awards.

With the wellies left by the door and the bobble hat on the peg, my partner John and I headed through to Glasgow dressed in our best and looking forward to hearing about the inspiring work being done by women across Scotland.

We were treated to a lovely drinks reception (plastic straw free of course!) followed by a dinner where we got to know the other guests on our table.

Sharon and Ian, who opened the evening with an inspiring song about Scotland’s women, were on one side of us and Angela, founder of road safety charity ReInvention was on the other.

It was brilliant to hear everyone’s stories and our hosts Robin and Adele from Heart FM’s Breakfast Show ensured we were entertained throughout the evening!

Dinner over and it was then time for what we’d all been waiting for - the celebrations of the winners! There were six categories and each winner was truly an amazing woman who had shown incredible strength and provided boundless inspiration in their lives.

The award categories were Amazing Inspiration; Young Woman; Business Achievement; Contribution; Strength and Acheivement.

I was completely overwhelmed to be given an award in the Inspiration Category. It was an award of Special Thanks for my work on inspiring people across Scotland to help care for their marine environment.

The congratulations I have received following the award have been nothing short of phenomenal. I won’t go into full speech mode here but giving a thank you speech was a great opportunity to thank all the amazing volunteers, communities, colleagues and organisations I have worked with over the past couple of years that have made my work possible.

It’s been wonderful to receive recognition for the part that I have played but Scotland’s seas need us all and I can’t wait to see who I meet, what I do and where I go next on my journey to spread my personal ocean optimism for the future of the seas around our country.