Plastic Free July at Bags of Ethics

Plastic Free July is a month long initiative to draw awareness to and reduce our consumption of single-use plastic. At Bags of EthicsTM we are taking this as an opportunity to really try and make a difference. Both here in our office in London, and across the world, we are informing our colleagues, clients and followers of things which they can implement into their everyday lives that will have a positive impact on our environment.

Bag of Ethics Plastic Challenge

Why we care

Bags of EthicsTM is a label that promotes the people and the planet behind the product – the designers, farmers, tailors, consumers and environment. It is a positive label that recognises manufacturers and brands that have made conscious efforts to respect the people and the planet across their supply chains. It is a label that is stitched onto all the bags made by our manufacturer Supreme Creations, and ensures that in every step of the manufacturing process we have done our upmost to ensure that the bags have been made as ethically and sustainably as possible.

Bag of Ethics Plastic Challenge

At Bags of EthicsTM we are entirely focused on producing products that do not contribute to the production or consumption of single-use plastic. All of our bags can be reused over 5,000 times, and are made from ethical, and natural or hard-wearing fibres and materials which are grown and produced in sustainable, friendly ways. We use less water, produce less carbon, and use REACH certified, non-toxic, inks on all of our products. We believe that you are what you carry, and by carrying one of our bags you ae showing respect to the people, the planet and the product. We believe that the future for bags should be reusable, not disposable, and are constantly trying to find new ways in which we can improve our practices even further, in order to make an even bigger difference to the environment.

Why it matters

Single-use plastic has a hugely damaging effect on the environment due to its inability to decompose. Plastic never completely biodegrades, and instead breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, or ‘Micro-plastics’. These plastics of all sizes make their way into the water course and end up in our rivers, canals and oceans. With over two thirds of the planet covered by ocean, home to thousands of species, these plastics pose a threat to those which inhabit these waters. Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year, which is equivalent to a full rubbish truck every minute. Large pieces of plastic are choking and trapping turtles and sea birds, and the micro-plastics are being ingested by smaller sea creatures who mistake them for food. Plastic also poses further reproductive threats to marine wildlife as it contains chemicals that disrupt the hormones and the reproductive ability of marine wildlife.

Bag of Ethics Plastic Challenge

What we have been doing to make a difference

Whilst we do our upmost at all times to ensure that everything we do as a company is as sustainably and ethically minded as possible, this month we are trying to find new ways to support the plastic free movement. We have sent round a list of tips to our teams and colleagues in London, India, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy and the USA, encouraging them to adopt habits such as; using a reusable coffee cup, bringing their own lunch to work in a reusable container instead of buying one wrapped in plastic, and avoiding facial cleansers containing micro-plastic exfoliates. In our office we have also implemented a communal lunch on a Wednesday, which saves plastic packaging from individual food waste, and encourages team communication. We also make sure that we recycle where we can, and of course use one of our tote bags if we pop out to get groceries from the nearby supermarket.

Across all of our social media channels we are intent on striking a change in people’s habits. Whether that is someone swapping their plastic straw for a metal one, buying a reusable drinks bottle, or trying to recycle more, we believe that whether these changes are big or small, they all have an impact. Throughout Plastic Free July we want to inform, educate and inspire people to join the movement, and help to educate others to make positive, ecologically minded choices.

We wholeheartedly support the work that the Marine Conservation Society is doing. Our work in plastic free July is for the benefit of the oceans, and all of the plants, animals and people that rely on them. As well as reducing their plastic consumption, we urge people to help the amazing team at MCS with organising and implementing beach cleans – that way we catch the plastic before it reaches the ocean and does its damage.

Throughout the month of July and beyond we will continually be trying our hardest to ensure that there is a plastic free future for our oceans.